Vista Vapors Mellow Brew Review


E juice selection at Vista Vapors is already extensive and impressive. They offer their usual e juice, the Ocean Series, and the Cloud Series.

Add Vista Vapors Mellow Brew to their list. This is another premium selection in addition to Clouds and Oceans; e juice for people who mean business with their mods.

Basic Facts about Mellow Brew

A 30-ml glass bottle with a dropper in the lid costs $19.99. Select a nicotine rating: 9, 6, 3, 1.5 mg per/ml, or zero nicotine in a max-vegetable glycerin (max-VG) base. Max-VG contains a little bit of propylene glycol but is mostly made from vegetable glycerin.

The goal is to create really thick vapor and you do that best with high watts or a high temperature using a top-notch tank and thick e liquid. Mellow Brew is sold in five flavors.


Vapers will detect apple pie and spices from the first one on their list. Some vapers compare the fruit to apple cider. Others taste Chai spices. Either way, this is not your usual apple pie: there is a little bit of alcoholic zing, but it’s still all-American.

Aged Barrel

Try aged rum and coke, perhaps for the first time. You are probably accustomed to the usual blend made from six-month-old Bacardi, but there is deeper flavor from Aged Barrel e juice. Customers are astounded by how authentically like a rum & cola this really is, except better.

Last Call

When the bell rings from the bar and the barman yells “Last Call,” you know closing time is nigh. Rush to the front to order your last drink of the night and mellow out with a tropical cocktail for another half hour before the bouncers kick you out.

This blend is so complex and multi-layered all you will know for sure at first is that it is fruity and exotic. After several weeks with Last Call, vapers will start to pull out particular fruits.


This is the bestseller of this Mellow bunch; a Caribbean island drink. Like Last Call, it’s a mystery mix. Vista Vapors does not explain what they are offering here, so you have to try for yourself.

But if it’s a Caribbean style nicotine juice, there is likely to be at least some rum and exotic fruit in there. Since Overflow is the bestseller, you know it can’t be bad.

Top Shelf

Imagine your favorite school day boxed drink kept on a shelf way up high because mommy spiked it with liqueur. That’s Top Shelf: fruity but also creamy with a kick.

Mellow Methods

Every one of the e juices above is connected by a theme. Each is a type of cocktail or bar blend and you are supposed to chill out with them. They are also dripping liquids or suitable for RTAs. If the flavors of tropical beach holidays and rum, in particular, don’t turn your crank, perhaps one of Vista Vapors’ other varieties will be more appealing.


This is the top-selling premium e liquid at Vista Vapors costing $11.99 for 30 ml in glass. The flavor is still tropical and fruity with a blend of berries as well, but non-alcoholic (not that there is real rum or other alcohol in any of the Mellow Brews).

Alto Stratus

Fruit can be done up many ways with e juice. Here Vista Vapors goes for candied fruit. It’s sweet and sour at the same time. Alto Stratus is the second-best seller.


The top “Oceans” vape defies distinct description. Vapers have referred to its mildness and the thick clouds it produces. One customer mentioned gum: a fruit style of stick gum, not bubble gum, but still candied fruit. Like the “Clouds” juices, “Oceans” e liquids cost $11.99 for each 30-ml glass bottle.

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