The Steam Factory E-Juice Review


When a team of blenders hones in on just a few flavors, customers ask questions: are they too lazy to think of anything else? Is this a gimmick? Are these guys just really picky about what they consider to be “good” e liquid?

I think the last question is likely to yield the most fruitful answers, fruit not being a pun or anything, although fruit is prominent among the styles made by The Steam Factory E-Liquid.

Various Vapers and Varieties

A husband-and-wife team set themselves a task: create juices for all levels of vaper. You notice that some cheap juices are specifically designed for low-level clearomizers; the kinds with coils that you can’t take out and replace with new ones.

They contain lots of propylene glycol so you can drip them into a mini cig cartomizer and won’t cause it to clog up prematurely.

Some firms focus on the advanced vaper with his RDA and box mod. Steam Factory aims to cut through divisions and unify vapers under a single banner with their highly-rated, consistently good products.

Five Flavors

Here they are, the golden five: Blue Ballz, Castaway, Kizmet, Muffcake, and Screwberry. Each one costs $22 for 30 ml and is available with up to 18 mg of nicotine. A package of four 30-ml bottles as sold by authorized vendors costs $75 (120 ml).

Blue Ballz

Banana and blueberry blend into this fruity but sweet e juice from Steam Factory which receives the second-highest number of reviews. This suggests Blue Ballz is their runner-up for most popular flavor.


Don’t think of Wilson or Tom Hanks, although I am sure his character in a movie of the same name ate lots of tropical fruit. Examples of fruits featured in Castaway e juice are not overly sweet but fresh, as in nature.


This is another word for “fate” or a game played with dice depending on your perspective. At Steam Factory, Kizmet brings green apples and pears together for a tangy taste sensation that will take you back to orchards and autumn: warm days and cool nights; the best time of year.


This could be the culinary trend of 2015: a hybrid of cupcake and muffin with lemon and fruit blended in. A description by Steam Factory suggests the Muffcake man is reviled by baked counterparts: not one thing or the other and too strange to be counted among them.

Muffcake is e liquid personified and is also the company’s most reviewed product. It contains max-vegetable glycerin and is a flavor iconic enough among serious vapers to have inspired a box mod for cloud chasing.

The Muffcake HexOhm bears the clumpy image of a Muffcake engraved into an aluminum body with a magnetic battery door and spring-loaded threading well. It’s got a 20A, 110W limit and contains an OKL-T20 mother board. Use an 18650 battery to create huge clouds and drip Muffcake onto your dripping deck.


Again, fresh berries are the star, as is often the case with gourmet e liquids. Many vapologists turn to the freshness and authenticity of fruit for a finish that is both sweet and tart; one which could turn into an all-day-vape.


Customers like the balance of Muffcake. It is light on the lemon but not too light: you will still get a tangy mouthful amid other mixed fruits. Blue Ballz is different things to different people. Some taste lots of blueberry. Others notice banana more prominently. Another group says the balance is spot on.

Kizmet pulls off a difficult feat: conveying natural apple flavor plus a touch of spice from the pear-side of this juice. There is plenty of fruit here to satisfy those with a sweet but not too-sweet tooth.


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