Sweet Vapes Review


With a name like Sweet Vapes, I imagine there has to be a back story. It might have to do with the person running the company: is she a real sweetheart? Is this like calling a bald man “Curly” (i.e., is the owner actually kind of grumpy)?

Maybe the name comes from a preference for sweet flavors, and that is what I suspect to be the case here at Sweet Vapes from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. My only other guess would be that “sweet” stands for “cool” as was the lingo of the day back five years ago.

All-Purpose Vape Store

E juice is not the only thing on their menu at Sweet Vapes. Like a lot of online companies where homemade e juice is prominent, they also sell some hardware.  Imagine Crystal Canyon Vapes, Mount Baker Vapor, and others: they all started out with juice and branched out into equipment.

At Sweet Vapes they have a lot of choice, but it all goes to supporting your e juice selection. You need a tank for those juices so buy one here and do all of your shopping at one place. Instead of choosing to carry a little bit of everything, they concentrate efforts on bringing in the top brands.

Brands at Sweet Vapes

Those would be Cloupor, JoyeTech, Aspire, and Kanger. You will see a few others, mostly from China. At Sweet Vapes you can buy an Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0, an Eleaf iStick VW mod, or a case for your P4Y iPV Mini in one of several colors. Choose a JoyeTech Delta II sub-ohm tank to hold your top-class juice.

Some Flavors at Sweet Vapes

I can’t tell you all of their flavors: the list is fairly long. I was impressed by the selection here: from tobacco to dessert. It is all there, so “sweet” styles are not all you have to choose from. You can shop for breakfast vapes, coffee or tea, signature flavors, candy, snacks, and more.


This heading intrigued me: what is a snack? It is not a candy or a cold pancake sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Snacks are not nourishing or satisfying. A snack would be popcorn or nuts, both of which you see featured here. Now, if someone could come up with an e juice that tastes like corn chips I will be ecstatic.

Breakfast Vapes

These are the cereal style juices, pancakes, waffles: stuff like that. Sweet Vapes makes Crunch Barry’s, Cinnamon Roll, Blueberry Pancakes, French Toast, and other typical Sunday morning fare.

Coffee and Tea

Mixologists mostly focus on coffee here with a fun play on the name of the world’s most popular coffee company: Starbucket’s. Try their Kona Latte or Cappuccino for a start. Kona Cream and Chai Tea provide additional warm options.


Selection here is pretty standard. They’ve got all the colors, all the seasons, and every fruit-bearing part of the world covered under “Fruit.” If you can think of a fruit, you will probably find it at Sweet Vapes.

Tobacco and Menthol

Here is where e-cigs and cigarettes meet: over a mouthful of tobacco, but it is only a flavor when you vape at Sweet Vapes; not real tobacco. They have Blend #5 (nutty), Menthol, Menthol Desert Ship (Middle Eastern), Cuban (cigar), and Red Tobacco. That’s just naming a selection: Sweet Vapes can do better than that.

Pricing and Juice Details

Each 10-ml bottle appears to cost $9.95. I checked that in disbelief because at the checkout their site said “add $5 for 15 ml,” plus additional amounts for larger bottles. I thought that had to be a misprint.

I was wrong. I can’t believe how expensive Sweet Vapes e juices are. You do not have to pay these prices, so I am curious as to how the company brings costs down to make them more reasonable. Is there a coupon? Do customers earn amazing reward points? Can they score by ordering three bottles and getting one free?

They really can’t be serious, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. Lots of companies operate using very high standards and they don’t try to charge this much. It’s possible they overlooked this problem and simply need someone to point it out to them so they can fix it.

Select from 0 to 24 mg of nicotine per/ml of juice. There are also loads of PG/VG possibilities: adjust by small increments for a very precise ratio.

More about Sweet Vapes

Sweet Vapes got their start way back in 2010, which seems like a long time ago in Vapeland. At this point they were exclusively operating online, which is a way to keep costs low while earning a profit and remaining viable so as to grow.

In 2012, they opened a storefront. In 2010, they sold just 20 flavors plus some kits. Today, they carry much more than that as you saw above; enough products to justify categorizing them all on their bright and friendly website.

Their team is comprised of food manufacturing, quality assurance, R&D, and food safety professionals with 30 years combined experience: a great combination of skills. They blend juices in a lab fitted with steel tables using medical-grade nicotine from a US supplier and use bottles with childproof caps in most cases.

I would like to recommend them to the general vaper but would first like to find out about those prices. There is no reason to think Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is taxed more heavily for the ingredients used to make e juice than any other state or city.


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