Space Jam Juice Review


Successful e juice companies like Space Jam sometimes takes time to create a persona or a theme. At Space Jam, they speak in the language of visitors from another planet who have come to live in America.

Names for e juices prove that they are not from this world but are better acquainted with outer space. Titles are Andromeda, Venus, Omega, Pluto, Galactica, Starship 1, Eclipse, and Astro. What a wonderful lineup of thematically united names: they make it fun to read their website and ponder flavors at Space Jam.

Since 2012

Space Jam got their start in the business in 2012 and is based in Southern California.

Their liquids are made using premium ingredients in a GMP ISO certified lab. This is reassuring as is their use of glass to bottle liquids which are then sold wholesale to many, many vendors operating brick-and-mortar and online stores.

Because prices for everything related to e-cigs vary, there is no set price for Space Jam juice across the country. A fair and likely price tag for 15 ml would be $12; about the same as many of the top-shelf gourmet juices made in California and throughout the United States.

Venus e Juice

Imagine you were at a bonfire holding a long stick. You had a marshmallow at one end and were roasting it. Upon removing it from the fire you dunked the marshmallow in a bowl containing peanut butter, caramel, and cream. The hot marshmallow melted everything together so you stirred it and created a flavor something like Venus e juice: gourmet S’mores.

Starship 1 Liquid

This is perhaps the closest thing to Frankenvape (The Standard’s top flavor) I have seen anywhere with its blend of vanilla custard and kiwi. Kiwi is an unusual choice for vanilla and cream, but an addictive and popular one judging by comments from very satisfied customers.

Pluto: No Longer the Disenfranchised Planet

Melons: that’s what the planet Pluto makes Space Jam vapologists think of — several varieties of melon. You’ve got juicy watermelon, meaty cantaloupe, and refreshing honeydew all vying for position with bubblegum and a hint of mint. Mint and melon pair beautifully together. Bubblegum adds an edge of confection to this fresh blend.


Peaches and cream pair so perfectly that loads of e juice companies have tackled the combination in their own way. Many of these blenders have succeeded in bringing out the rich, dark flavor of real, ripe peach with just the right amount of cream. Space Jam takes the feat one step further by adding a touch of spice to the sweetness of fresh fruit. This addition gives Omega a warm, autumnal dimension.

Party Ship Galactica

Somewhere in outer space there is a party going on. I suspect it’s happening on the party ship Galactica because that is where these aliens keep their stockpile of champagne. Since these are classy aliens, they eat strawberries while sipping their drinks because that’s what all refined people do at zero gravity.

Light Side of an Eclipse

Here is the first and only tobacco e juice from Space Jam; a nod to consumers who still enjoy the flavor and aroma of a pipe even though they gave up smoking for good. Cavendish Tobacco and vanilla bean blend, but vanilla is only an accent; it doesn’t “eclipse” the richness of Cavendish.


I’ve seen strawberry mixed with tropical fruit and apples combined with cinnamon or a “pie crust” flavor, but never strawberry and Granny Smith. This evokes just the right contrast of sweet and tart with a fresh, fruity outcome.


The last style is a current classic; a modern mélange of dark berries. Everyone is mixing pomegranate with blueberry these days because it works.

Adventure at Space Jam

When you click on the website for Space Jam, you don’t see much: a tiny bit of information about the products and company and a few photos plus links to some other e-juice firms. They are all part of the Space Jam Collective. Other members of the Collective are Mystique, Obsession, Clouds of Hope, Taste Vape, Gold Standard, and Black Reserve.

Where did Cosmic Fog go? At one time, Space Jam and Cosmic Fog were linked; created by the same people but run as separate entities. Did they split ways? Did the original owner sell his share in one company to another group of vapologists?

SJ Social is the “Command Center” for all the juices I mentioned. If you want to learn what’s happening in their unique worlds, you can enter this center and use links to go directly to their websites or social media pages.

Merchandise Online

Space Jam, Obsession, Clouds of Hope, and the other brands don’t sell their products online through the Collective’s website or their own sites. The only items sold over the internet directly by the SJ Collective are a few sample kits, but mostly apparel and novelty items like stickers and posters.

They also promote a tank called the Flip. This tank uses flavor pods which are inserted into your preferred ratio of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Once infused, this combination is vaped on the mod of your choice. I’ve never heard of this device before, but I’m sure more will come up online as consumers consider the ease of using pods of pre-filled gourmet juice with the ratio of base liquid they want.


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