Cuttwood Vapors E-Liquid Review


Contain your surprise as I tell you that Cuttwood — a top-of-the-line e juice brand — comes from California. Their location is Irvine, specifically. Cuttwood began in the business with one e juice called “Unicorn Milk” which has become a cult favorite and is now joined by three other flavors. Before we get into a description of those flavors, let’s look more closely at Cuttwood E Juice from California.

Cuttwood, Irvine

At least, we can try to look more closely: the website is not that helpful. Promises of high quality approved ingredients are pretty vague and there’s no telling where they make it.

I see no mention of a certified lab or clean room and nothing indicates that USP-grade or pure ingredients have been utilized. They might not even be American ingredients although the e juices are made in the US and bottled in glass.

Standards are strict, although that doesn’t say enough. As for their prices: $12 per 15-ml bottle is about standard for this class of juice. A large bottle (30 ml) for $23 or $22 is on par too.

On the website you will find “Sauce Boss” blog posts which draw your attention to recent government announcements and other technical stuff regarding e juice and vaping overall. They mention the SFATA, studies into nicotine vapor, and more. The site also leads you to social media pages for Cuttwood and images of their “Cuttwood Girls.” You won’t be shopping on this site unless you want apparel.

Buying Cuttwood

This e juice business has a following in the UK and is sold all over the United States. Obviously, their invitation for wholesale enquiries has been successful: Cuttwood is frequently featured on e-vendor menus for vapor juice. It sits near the top of alphabetical lists which helps customers to find it before they see other notable brands like Velvet Vapors or The Standard.

E Juices by Cuttwood

There are four flavors to choose from: Sugar Bear, Monster Melons, Unicorn Milk, and Boss Reserve. All four flavors are sugary in some way without tobacco or mint. Facebook would be the place if you need to get ideas as to what systems to use them on as well as upcoming flavor releases.

Sugar Drizzle

Imagine a cereal with hints of cinnamon (maybe granola or cinnamon toast style). Add cream to this blend and you have Sugar Drizzle, cereal-style vape. It’s amazing how much certain e juices taste like cereals. They even have a creamy texture. You’ll be imagining that crunch from days past and are likely to crave a bowl of something you haven’t eaten since you were ten, probably in front of the cartoon channel.

Unicorn Milk

Strawberries and cream could come across as sugary milk or fruity custard or a smoothie. Which one will it be for you? Reviews do not always agree which could do with a mod set-up or steeping, but one thing is very evident: this is probably the most popular Cuttwood label. Another thing is true: Cuttwood fans frequently site the Unicorn Milk as their favorite.

Mega Melons

Obviously, melon plays a part here, but which kind? It’s cantaloupe plus papaya and mango, so not really “melons” so much as a fruity blend with an orange theme.

Boss Reserve

This expensive flavor is another breakfast cereal. Taste honey graham crackers, roasted nut clusters, milk, and banana. Draw your own inferences from that combo. Reserve juices are made in ultra-small batches which increases customer anticipation and, ultimately, sales.

Comparing Strawberry Flavors

In the e juice industry, there might not seem to be a lot of new flavors anymore. Sometimes a blend will take customers by surprise, but most house juices are simple one- or two-flavor styles. A lot of iconic styles (like strawberry milk) began with the likes of Cuttwood and have been copied from their innovation.

Unicorn Milk is frequently compared to Mother’s Milk by Suicide Bunny, Ichigo by Mistu, and CRFT Strawberry Blonde (strawberry custard), but there are lots of other copy-cats besides. Many are inferior. Strawberry turns up in tons of other e juices and some other sugary-milk styles. Quick by 9 South Vapes is close to Unicorn Milk in a way, but with the addition of chocolate.

The New Rage for Cereal Vapor

Cereal vapes are also becoming hugely popular. They are everywhere. 9 South Vapes from New Jersey is big on them. Looper by ANML is a big hit. Somehow the vendor mixes crunchy cereal and milk with a base flavor you will instantly recognize, and I think I know how they do it: using the same flavor extracts as the cereal companies use.

Once you figure those out, it’s not that hard to hit the notes. The trick is hitting them accurately. Vape vendors are not like cereal companies trying to simulate certain authentic flavors; e juice vapologists are trying to simulate the simulators.

When you get to Sugar Bear it won’t be hard to figure out what they are trying to get at. Cinnamon too rarely makes its way into gourmet blends, so this makes a nice change. It is not overly sweet. In fact, I would not refer to any of these as dessert vapes.

If you took the three main ones and left out Boss Reserve, you would end up with a well-rounded breakfast with cereal, fruit, and a comforting drink. Of course this would be Saturday morning breakfast; something to look forward to all week.


The big allure of Mega Melons is probably the slightly risqué name and a titter behind your hand. I would say that the combo chosen at Cuttwood is unique. Peach and mango are combined frequently. Papaya finds its way into tropical vapes. The richness of cantaloupe is usually lightened with other melons. Mango and papaya sweeten cantaloupe but don’t freshen it.

You should find it a bold mix. It just goes to show that, with so many fruits around, there are countless ways to combine them. With choices of fresh, baked, or candy styles there is even more potential.


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