Cosmic Fog Vapors Review


Each cloud which represents a flavor from the Cosmic Fog e juice line is an individual. They all have a sunny outlook judging by their sunglasses and happy appearance, but each one is trimmed with a different color, as though the sun is shining on each one through a different-colored crystal.

That might be too lyrical a way to describe e juice labels, but in an era where e-juice label artistry often reflects aggressive or sexual images, I can’t help but notice the gentle spirit of a happy cloud wearing triangular sunglasses.

Popular E Juice

Maybe those clouds are enjoying their popularity in the vaping world. Cosmic Fog E Juice is one of the country’s most widely carried brands. The people behind this brand have successfully courted interest from companies that carry exclusively gourmet juice, firms selling only American e liquid, businesses boasting a mixture of top-shelf and factory-made liquids, and even companies that carry their own low-cost house juice. There is a place for Cosmic Fog everywhere.


Getting Caught in a Cosmic Fog of Flavor

There are just six e liquids in the entire Cosmic Fog line: Kryptonite, Milk & Honey, Cola Gummy, Church, The Shocker, and Nutz.

In spite of the long time they’ve been on American shelves (a few years now, at least), they have not been in a hurry to create additional flavors: they do it right or they go home.

Where many companies rush to bring out 10, 20, or 30 flavors, Cosmic Fog has created a menu they know is successful and which their customers appreciate; a dessert-driven compilation which does not contain a single tobacco flavor and only the merest hint of mint (not menthol) in Cola Gummy according to at least one customer.

Here is a run down of those flavors with some thoughts gleaned from reviews by real customers. Cosmic Fog, by the way, is made using only US Pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol and USP vegetable glycerin. They don’t apprise us of their mixing conditions (lab, clean room, etc).

Church (the Red Cloud)

The name for “Church” e juice comes from its ingredients which, when you put them together, equal a “sundae.” Taste a traditional ice cream sundae with hot fudge sauce, vanilla, and bananas. Let it steep a bit: some reviewers reported their flavor was weak yet most people really enjoy the flavor, especially at low ohms (around 1.2 ohms to 2 ohms).

Shocker (Neon Yellow)

Although Cosmic Fog describes this as having the flavor of strawberry-citrus lemonade, one individual detected grapefruit in her supply and quite liked it. It is a refreshing enough style to become an all-day vape.

Milk & Honey (Honey Yellow)

Cosmic Fog’s most popular and frequently reviewed item is their sweet and creamy dessert vape. You might detect marshmallow but will certainly taste milk and honey as per the name.

Cola Gummy (the Blue Cloud)

It probably sounds like a strange claim to make, but Cola Gummy was blended so that consumers would not just taste cola gummy candy but also detect the fizz of soda pop. They really do taste and feel this sensation (how do they do that?), but again, let this one steep to make the flavors count.

Nutz (Orange-Brown)

This was a late-comer to the lineup and a popular one winning excellent reviews. Nutz, true to its name, tastes like a rich and full-bodied almond butter plus strawberry preserves and a hint of honey crème. You might equate Nutz with a gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Kryptonite (Green, of Course)

Cosmic Fog’s second-most popular flavor is this refreshing, even floral offering. The suggestion of flowers does not come across in a description on their website which mentions melon candy, but melon can yield a somewhat floral aroma and aftertaste. Customers sure do like it.

Buy Cosmic Fog E Juice

As I said above, there are loads of places to buy Cosmic Fog online and at street-level vape stores. The cost of a bottle, however, varies from around $11.95 to $13 for 15 ml and you might even see higher prices at some cowboy stores where everything is overpriced.

Cosmic Fog is bottled in glass with a squeezable dripping top so you can add it to an RDA easily or even to your clearomizer or tank without pulling out a separate dripper or pouring juice into a different bottle. That glass bottle is important because these are pre-bottled juices, not made to order.

They could have been sitting in their bottles for a little while which, if these were bottled in plastic, could cause the liquid to adopt a tinge of plastic which would eventually come through into the vapor. Nicotine values provide a decent hit of 24 mg all the way down to 3 mg per/ml plus a zero-nicotine option.

California Vaping

The people who make Cosmic Fog come from Orange County, California. You will find that many of the popular e juice labels hail from this part of the country. Openness to vaping in Californian culture has inspired many people to take it up as a hobby, to blend their own e liquid, and to turn a hobby into one way to earn a living.

Some vendors do this on the side while going to college or university or while maintaining other jobs. Many vapologists (a fancy word for e-liquid mix-masters) will eventually give it up and focus on other careers. Some businesses, however, become so successful they turn e-liquid blending and designing into a full-time job.

I do not know if the guys at Cosmic Fog have reached this place in their e-juice careers, but they are doing very well in the industry. Vapers will see them at upcoming US e cig exhibitions and on their social media pages complete with photos and news. Watch Facebook for info about flavors in development.


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